JFV Catalog of Music

” Consort Music for historical and modern Instruments”

The JFV Catalog of Music features Compositions and Arrangements
Jorg F. Voss

The publications appear in two series:

  • JFV at Kelischek –  printed by the Susato label  (Publication Numbers MTC 47 – MTC 55, and MTC 102)
  • JFV Publications printed by Jorg F.Voss  (Publication Numbers: V-001 through V-063

Links in the catalog connect you to selected sounds or information in a publication. Various instruments are featured so that the listener can discern the contrast of musical lines.

  • Jorg F. Voss reserves all rights to the sound samples, copyright 2012
  • You can see a three page PDF spreadsheet of all publications: Click here.
3 Responses to “JFV Catalog of Music”
  1. Carole Hall says:

    Jorg – very nice, but I couldn’t get the link to your spreadsheet to work……

    • jorgvoss says:

      Hi, Carole, thanks for your valuable comment.
      The spreadsheet is a PDF file to be opened with Adobe Reader.
      Perhaps you need to download a free upgrade to your Adobe Reader?
      I have Adobe Reader X (for X= “10”)

      Cheers, Jorg

  2. Isabel Mester says:

    Very impressive Jorg, congratulations for your website!! It is always nice to play your music.
    Take care, Isabel

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