Arbor Vitae Suite, V-033

Arbor Vitae or Tree of Life.

The Arbor Vitae Suite was inspired by a lithograph of our artist friend, Helga Berscheid.

This artwork adorns our hallway wall and continually makes us wonder what Helga meant when she created it, a gnarled tree with houses,  churches and a tumbling creek.

The Suite tries to depict in music the human aspects of life on such an imaginary tree.


“The gnarled Tree”  Sound (Tonprobe)

“Row of Houses”  Sound  (Tonprobe)

“Father’s Work”

“Children at Play”

“Mother’s Work”

“The Brook”   Sound  (Tonprobe), synthesized
The Brook (2.Tonprobe ), Viols, played by Alison Crum, Larry Lipnik, Roy Marks and Gail Ann Schroeder

“May Dance”  Sound  (Tonprobe)

“The Lovers”

“The Church”

“The Live Tree”

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