JFV Quintets

The following sheet music by Jorg Voss is available from Jorg Voss directly.

  • Instrumentation color codes: Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet and Other
  • Link to sounds etc.: blue
  • All publications are for Recorder, as indicated by S, A, T, B and
    for Viols, S=Tr, A=Tr or T, T=T, B=B, unless otherwise indicated.
  • They can also be played on a variety of other historical and modern instruments.
  • Jorg F. Voss reserves all rights to the sound samples, copyright 2012

Music Pub. NumberTitle, Instrumentation, Price (in US $)

# V008 Laura Suave, by Fabritio Caroso, arr. for Recorders, Bass and perc.
Quintet, AATBB, $10.-

V-012 Chaconne, from “Dioclesian” by Henry Purcell, Quintet, AATBB, $8.-

V-015-Two Italian Carols for Voice and Quartet, Si ad lib., Qui/Qua, SiSATB, $8.-
Bagpiper’s Carol                                        Tu scendi delle stelle

 # V023Bolero, based on “Bolero de Algodre” from Spain, Quintet, SATBB, $9.-

# V039 — An Invitation to Dance, Dances for Recorders and/or Viols, with percussion, in Phrygian Mode,
Quartet SATB & Pc and Quintet, SATBB & Pc, $8.-            Description and sounds

# V042 — Garden Fancies, Fantasias for Recorders/Viols,  five scores, Quintet, SATBB, $10.-
Description and sounds

# V049 — Love and Sorrow, incl. Arbeau’s Pavane for Quartet, SATB and Quintet SSATB,
scores and parts, $7.-

# V052 — Summer Celebration, 3 pieces, two for Quintet, SSTTB and one Quartet, SATB,
5 score sets $10.-  Dance for Dee, orchestrated      Dear Memories, Recorders & Harp

     # V057 — May I have this Dance? 12 dances for Quartet, SATB and perc’n, one for Quintet,
scores only $8.-   Sound: Bolero in Phrygian Mode

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