About JFV

Violas da Gamba

2013 Weihnachtsbrief

Jorg Voss is fascinated with Early Music and Early Instrumentarium.

Jorg considers himself  a “polyphonist”, as reflected in most of his music. He knows very well, from his own playing experience, that the musicians on each musical part want to play more than fill-in harmonies. but rather enjoyable, often “singable” contrapuntal lines.

He composes and arranges music for historical instruments, targeting small ensembles,
with whom he continually plays “Hausmusik” on Recorders and Viola da Gamba.

His publications should delight such groups, since the music is written in traditional harmonies,
Major, Minor and Modal keys and in ranges to fit a vast variety of historical instruments.

His publications respect the performer by presenting music as score fold-0uts, split scores or individual parts, to prevent quick page turns.

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